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Q: What Is An Infrared Illuminator?

Our Rating: (4. 1 / 5) Check Price on AmazonPros Comes with lens covers Easily adjustable Least expensive red dot magnifier on this list Rubber coating helps protect the magnifier from scratches and dents and provides grip Surprisingly long eye relief Cons Bulky, which may interfere with back-up iron sights Does not come with a mount Might not provide true 3x magnification Sometimes spotty quality control Top 3 Best Red Dot Magnifier Mount Reviews1 Sightmark Flip-to-Side 30mm MountSightmark makes optics that are inexpensive yet are of good quality.

What’s the new one?

Their flip to side mount is no different. A while ago, Sightmark was just another company that rebranded generic scopes and red dot sights made in China. But that’s the old story. What’s the new one? Sightmark has been innovative in the budget optic world.

They’ve put out some sights which are as impressive as they are inexpensive. Plus if something goes wrong, they make things right. Their warranty is as good as or better than some of the more expensive brands. So you can trust Sightmark’s magnifier mount. It is made of lightweight and hard-wearing aluminum and has a quick detach lever.

The mount is designed to fit 30mm magnifier tubes and weighs 7. 2 ounces. You slide the magnifier to the right before flipping it down, which is a little different from other magnifier mounts. Some people like this, other people do not. This method of moving the magnifier out of the keeps the mount out of the picture when you are looking through the red dot sight.

This helps to keep you focused and on target. Most of the parts under tension on this mount are adjustable. Instead of breaking in the sight through use, try adjusting the set screws yourself. Our Rating: (3. 8 / 5) Check Price on AmazonPros Inexpensive Quick detach lever The low profile design reduces bulk on your rifle You can adjust the tension of the quick detach lever and the tension on the slide Cons The low-profile design may put bulky magnifiers close to the ejecting brass Not as tight in the up position as other mounts The odd operation method may make it difficult for some people to use 2 Primary Arms Basic Flip To Side Magnifier MountPrimary Arms is, along with Vortex Optics, known for having a good intersection of quality and price.

They are also known for their good customer service. This magnifier mount fits 30mm tubes. Pull it back to unlock the magnifier and flip it to the side to get the magnifier out of the way. As it is the basic model, there is no quick detach lever.

There are also no shims so the magnifier is lower 1/3 co-witness only. You CAN use a magnifier in the lower 1/3 co-witness position with a red dot sight that is in the absolute co-witness position. But you may see the top of the sight and have some unwanted parallax.

So make sure you have a compatible red dot sight already. Or you can find a riser that raises your sight to the same level as a magnifier in this mount. Our Rating: (4. 3 / 5) Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Optics PlanetPros High quality Six mounting bolts on the ring instead of just four, which strengthens the mount’s hold on the magnifier Cons Expensive compared to the other mounts on this list Non-adjustable height 3 TMS 90 Degree FTS Quick Flip to Side Mount for 40mm Magnifier Scope, 42mm HighAlso produced by Hammers, the TMS magnifier mount is designed for lower 1/3 co-witness and for holding 30mm magnifier tubes.

A larger pupil makes it easier to receive the beam of light and keep track of moving animals. It will also reduce eye fatigue. Resolution is critical for acquiring a clear image with a night vision rifle scope. If the resolution is too low, you cannot identify a target and cannot take a shot.

Resolution is expressed in lines per millimeter (lp/mm) – a higher value means more clarity. Focus RangeA night vision rifle scope has a lower range than a regular rifle scope. What is important is the recognition range, which specifies the range in which you can expect to be able to identify a target and therefore use your rifle.

However, it is a subjective value as it depends on the amount of available light as well as on the optics used. Some manufacturers specify range for different light conditions, such as full moon, starlight, or an overcast sky. ErgonomicsThe more powerful they are, the more unwieldy night vision rifle scopes become.

You should try and match the level of technology to what you’ll actually need in order not to overload your rifle with too much bulk and weight. Lighter optics are an advantage for brush hunting and off-hand shooting. If you’ll remain stationary or assume position on an outlook, you might have less issue with slower weapon moving speeds.

DurabilityNight vision rifle scopes are delicate, incorporating sensitive optics, electronics as well as chemical elements. They tend to be little forgiving with shocks and mishandling. For rough conditions and adverse weather, pick a waterproof and more rugged model. ExtrasThese are secondary functions such as video output or recording, GPS, weather sensors, a remote control or the ability to pair the device with a smartphone.

FAQs About Night Vision Rifle ScopesQ: How does night vision work? A: Night vision device (NVD) gathers what little light sources such as the moon or the stars might emit and enhances it. Ambient light passes through an objective lens and then passes a photocathode tube, where the photons of the light are converted to electrons.

Phosphors are green, which is where the typical green image of NVDs comes from. An image intensifier amplifies the electrons through an electrical and chemical process, and a multiplier creates more photons from these electrons. After passing through a phosphor screen the image is again converted to visible light, and you can observe it through the ocular lens.